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(Turpan Karez English guides words)

Members tourists :
     To Turpan, people can not help asking : who is known as "Fire Island," "the wind, known as" climate of extreme dry place, how there will be a large oasis? What is the secret of these? Mystery is the distribution of land in the Xinjiang Karez group, It is like the human body's blood vessels, part of the vast Gobi Desert, irrigation of vast tracts of land in Xinjiang.The wonders of the bank wells in Turpan most widely distributed as Drop of Life, evergreen source creating a lounge Turpan grapes and sweet melons. Now let us visit the world-famous irrigation.

Karez structure → Karez construction methods

     Visitors, we went to the desert paradise I begin with the museum to Karez to understand the construction of Karez.
     Karez were living in Xinjiang working people of all nationalities, under the local climate, hydrological characteristics of a creation of a clandestine diversion project, some Karez 1600, Turpan up with the most concentrated, according to statistics, a total of Turpan of Karez 1158, a total length of 5,000 km, the distance from Urumqi to Harbin milestone.Ancient Chinese Karez his greatest one of the underground water, the geographic academic experts as the "underground canal" with the Great Wall and Beijing-Hangzhou Grand Canal in ancient China known as a three projects.

     For Kaner Well you probably heard, but its structure may not be very clear. Now I would like to tell you about.Karez in ancient times known as "drainage wells", the bank is "well Point," and by the shaft (shaft), culverts (underground channels), nullah (surface channels) and logging dam (reservoir) four components.

     Karez has been able to build a large number of Turpan, with the natural conditions here inseparable. First Turpan Basin lying low, below sea level below 2,085 square kilometers area alone, Surrounded by mountains and Turpan, the annual mountain snow melts after the inflow of large valley.When the snow running through the desert to seep into the ground when it formed the undercurrent, which Karez to provide a rich source of water.

    Karez then what is built? Take a look : Karez construction method is in the mountains, the snow valley undercurrent, finding water, Then every 20 meters to 30 meters to fight a shaft, the depth ranging from 10 meters to tens of meters of underground water pool to increase water potential, again according to the terrain heights, in the bottom of the well was completed culvert, the communication between wells, drainage Pavilion, has been connected to the remote oasis only water channel leads from the ground to be irrigated. A Karez, general about three kilometers, the longest of several Karez often linked to dozens or even hundreds of kilometers. During shaft mouth ranged from dozens to more than more than 300 mouth. The upper shaft deeper, individual up to 100 meters from top to bottom, the junior downstream, usually a few meters. Karez role is to avoid evaporation, the project is adapted to a dry climate characteristics of a great creation. Particularly praiseworthy is that the local people relying on their hands and simple tools, the hammer hits the Sham Tseng, EXCAVATED subsurface drainage, the mammoth projects, Structure clever and people alike.

     I would like to ask you recall, when we travel near the Turpan City, It was then green and luxuriant oasis on the fringe of the Gobi, you can see the site of the pile and the pile of soil round package, and orderly manner toward the oasis.Karez which is the shaft mouth. If you a bird's-eye view, those objects like a pearl necklace string Guitar, Turpan bedecked with the oldest still youthful glow place.

Karez reasons for the construction of the origin → Karez

    Members tourists Now let us talk about the reasons for the construction of Karez. As Xinjiang region to suffer from drought, evaporation, and Karez underground culvert, water evaporation and the small amount of flow stability be perennial gravity irrigation and the soil here is a calcareous clay, dug Karez very strong, not collapse. Mountain snow temperature is very low, if irrigation directly adverse to the growth of crops, and high surface temperature Turpan, After running through the snow desert temperature will increase, which is perfect for watering crops.Therefore, the people of all ethnic groups in Xinjiang, with the long-term drought, the struggle of this invention Well Irrigation methods. A Karez is not a dry springs, a naturally Karez, constitutes the lifeblood of Fire Island and lifeline Xinjiang to make the scarcity of rainfall with water accumulation, so people living in Xinjiang as an indispensable Spring of Life. www.ptlyw.com.cn

     Turpan Karez on the origin have always been three versions : one is the Chinese Han Guan said drainage wells. In this view the Han Dynasty when it was invented by the "drainage wells" into Xinjiang, as is now the Karez. The second argument is with the Lin Zexu.Lin Zexu, the late Qing Dynasty was banished Xinjiang, in 1845 after Turpan, aware of local hot dry. So there is a careful investigation of water lying to guide their people in Xinjiang under the physiographic features, This invention Well Irrigation methods.A third view is Karez 2,500 years ago from West Asia before the first Persian transmission Xinjiang. Of course, these three points have yet to be verified.

     But I want to tell you is that Karez on Earth is the distribution and communication-cultural Silk Road linked.For example, in Pakistan, Iran and the Caspian Sea coast, people found Karez. So we said Karez is the world's cultural heritage of a pearl, is not excessive.Even today, also in Xinjiang Karez Turpan agricultural development plays a pivotal role.
Karez channel → Karez culverts

     Karez visiting museums, the Museum is out, we can see Road to plain Qingquan, This is Karez channel which flows from the snow-capped mountains of pure water, clean and Translucent, if your hand touches, it will be cooler blowing and really "arts, through gloating over."

     Karez culvert from the cave to be seen, I saw foul the water flow on them, the people are extremely pleased. This drainage wells in the whole Xinjiang land as many as 1,000. its underground rivers combined total length of the Great Wall longer than doubled, far exceeding the Beijing-Hangzhou Grand Canal, as "underground canal."

     Tourists, the desert is not only important water conservancy facilities, Chinese and foreign tourists are happy to watch a big cultural landscape. Karez especially within the park filled with a rich Xinjiang Uygur ethnic love for the music and dance, would you mind rippling. That crisper rhythm, a lithe and graceful melodies, warm and lively emotions, so that you appreciate apart will be moved to join their ranks and to learn Uygur girl and boy image, singing and dancing, That feeling of dancing village pure fun.
     Members tourists Karez Paradise within that cough-melodious songs have chorus, the following please go quickly we appreciate it!

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